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Article and Information on Peafowl

My name is Bill McGill I live in a small Texas town called Seadrift, I am located 30 miles east of Victoria Texas and 25 miles south of Port Lavaca I have been raising birds off and on for many years and I do not claim to be an expert on them however all I can do is share with you my experiences that I have had with them on this website. My first experience with birds was when I was 16 yrs old we lived out in the county. I went over to a friends house and his mother was raising some quail and other fowl. . After visiting with her she inspired me to go out and purchased some quail and pheasant and I raised them for two years. Until I got my draft notice, at this particular time in my life, I decided to sell all of my birds and equipment. that I had

After a few years passed by, I went out and purchased some pharaoh quail, I was living in the city at this time and had a limited space to have birds. I raise the pharaoh quail off and on for several years. Then in 1982 the bug hit me again when we purchased 300 acres and had plenty of space to have a different variety of birds. This time the bird that was chosen is peafowl. I found them to be one of the most interesting and most beautiful birds. At this time there were just a few mutations that have been developed. I went and purchased some India Blue, Pied, Java Green, Spaulding, Whites and some Black shoulder. Now I am raising Cameo, Cameo Spaulding, Midnights, Midnights bar pattern, buff Spaulding, Opal, Purple, Oaten, Oaten Spaulding Purple Black Shoulder, Purple Pied, Purple Spaulding, Silver Pied, Opal Black Shoulder, Buford Bronze, Java Imperator, Java Muticus Muticus, Emerald Spaulding, Emerald Spaulding Pied, Spaulding White and much much more. I have now expanded my bird farm to include such breeds as gamble quail, California valley quail, pharaoh quail, Texas A&M white quail, bobwhite quail, orange bobwhite quail, blue quail, Chinese Ringneck pheasant, geese, Rio grand wild turkeys, and ducks. I have a large selection of peafowl, high quality birds and incubators for any budget.

Also as you visit the many different pages on my website you will find articles and links on worming, capillary worms, gape worms photo, Eggs hatching charts on many different breeds of birds, hatching and brooder article on peafowl egg, personal information, wellness, poultry diseases, medication, peafowl care, photos, clipart, auction links, peachick information, chicks information, ducks, goose, geese, article on my silver cock, Poultry Farm Manager 2003 database, shipping information, general peachick care, marketing, price list and the lowest prices on incubators.
Bill McGill Seadrift, Texas Peafowl Reus.
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I am presently working on getting permission from different individuals to reprint their articles on peafowl mutations that will be available here on my website, also how to identify different sex on birds that look alike male, from female. Also and article on the care of brooders, feed, water, cages, and pen building at the lowest -cost for you.

Texas State Bill H.B. No. 2328 Poultry Bill
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