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How To Care For Peachicks!

Once again their will be many different opinions on the caring of peachicks. I am sure that some one out their will agree with me and some of you will disagree with me. This is the method that I have been using for the last four years with great success, it all start with the first peachick that hatches. I will have enough brooders so that I can have different ages of peachick in different brooders. You would not want to have newly hatch peachicks with peachicks that are older. My brooder also has different temperatures settings; depending on the age of the peachick. I will move the peachick from one brooder to the next until they are old enough to move to a cage that is on wire. Then finally out side.

  1. The next important item on the list is overcrowding make sure that you do not over crowd the peachicks.
  2. Cleaning of the brooders, make sure that you keep the brooders clean this will help to keep diseases down.
  3. Fresh water always be sure that you have a fresh supply of clean water. I clean out the water container once a week. To accomplish this task I will use a little bleach.
  4. Feeding I will start feeding Turkey starter because of the high protein. I also like to boil some chicken eggs and feed it to the peachick the first few days. Then about once a week their after until they are two months old.
  5. Once the peachicks reach about 6 months old, I will feed a good balance diet.

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